Journal posted on 28th March 2013 by Elizabeth

For me, Chinese New Year has always been spent in London; the highlight of which was receiving lucky red packets of money and the preparation and eating of auspicious foods. This year, I spent most of Chinese New Year in Hong Kong and experienced more of this colourful celebration. Mini orange trees lined doorways and streets, and red lucky charms adorned businesses and homes.

We visited the village of Lam Tsuen, famous for its wishing tree. Every Chinese New Year, people flock to this village to write their wishes on joss paper tied to a clementine, which is then thrown onto the branches of a banyan tree.

To protect the tree from getting damaged, people can also wrap their joss paper around wooden racks…

…or tie to bamboo poles at “The Wishing Corridor”…

A wish card and plastic clementine (so as not to damage the tree) can be bought for HK$20 (about £1.60). The wish card has a selection of wishes to tick ranging from “I hope to receive a fortune”, “May I come first in examinations”, “May I be youthful and beautiful” to “May I have a happy family” and “May we have world peace”. Hubby and I bought one each; I tied mine to The Wishing Corridor and Hubby threw his onto the tree.

They say the higher your wish is in the tree, the closer to heaven and more likely to come true. Hubby didn’t do too badly…LOOK!

Elizabeth wears: blouse, Tokyo; denim dungarees, Uniqlo; sunnies, Linda Farrow Luxe; scarf worn in hair, vintage Bill Blass; shoes, Opening Ceremony.